The wound is the place where the light enters you


The wound is the place where the light enters you


Gestalt Therapy Barcelona

Gestalt Therapy Barcelona

I offer you to walk by your side while you go through the ups and downs of your life for as long as you may need, until you feel in tune with yourself and your life again.

My name is Katja Meixner Becker. I am a Gestalt Therapist, a woman, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a granddaughter, a wife and – above all – a person.

I work with person who feel negative about themselves or the world, when they are afraid, sad and/or angry, when they are suffering or are frustrated, when they feel blocked or unfulfilled, stressed or worried about certain aspects of their lives. If this is your case, I offer you to figure out together how you may handle your issues and how to welcome them and your live, with love, compassion, and tenderness, within a safe, trusting and private space.



What are my approaches?

My work is mainly based on Gestalt Therapy, Emotional and Physical Release Therapy (bodywork therapy), Bach flowers, and other humanistic approaches.

What benefits can you expect from a personal growth process with me?

  • A partner that sustain and supports you until you can do it by yourself while you gradually let go of your suffering.
  • Understanding of who you are, how you relate to the world and how the world relates to you. And if you want  we will figure out, between you and me, new ways for you to relate to yourself and the world.
  • Reconnection with your body through your five senses, by learning to legitimise your felt experience, to identify it and use it as a compass when lost in the midst of your mental acceleration, and vice versa.
  • Awareness of your real needs and how to attend to them by developing new tools that allow you to feel calm and more safe when it comes to managing your life.
  • Reconnection with your authenticity, meaning a new way to relate to your partner, your family, your friends or your professional environment with a regained faith in yourself.

How can I help you?

Identities 2 men and women of different cultures


Belonging is one of the cornerstones of our identity and when the sense of belonging falters due to cultural, social, religious or personal orientation, then the sense of identity does to.

Workroom Katja Meixner


Gestalt Therapy, Emotional and Physical Body Release Therapy and Bach flowers are some of the approaches that I use while partnering with you.

Woman with blue hair Feminine Energy Katja Meixner

Feminine Energy

What is the true essence of womanhood? Have you ever wondered? Discover with me the true nature of womanhood and how this awareness can support you in your life.

These are the upcoming activities in which I’ll be taking part, partnering or organising: circles, workshops, online talks and other events…

What my clients say about me


All that I can say is that it was great working with Katja. To start with, I had various, complicated and difficult problems. Many tough things had happened to me in my life and I had to face up to them. Thanks to my character, I survived them. But the best thing of all was when I met Katja in Barcelona through a friend. That's when after many years of fighting and protecting myself, I was able to feel confident. Katja is a great professional, with her sensitivity and her compassion she creates a climate of trust and you gradually realize that you're opening up like a book. Many times, we've ended up hugging as if we were family. This was very important to me after some particularly intense sessions. I've regained my self-confidence and self-esteem, and I have tools to set my limits and be more compassionate with myself and less demanding.


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